Welcome to Bearing Technology


Bearing Technology Pvt Ltd Formerly Name Bearing Technology a surveying company with a professional experience of 5 years. It was established in August-2009. BEARING is primarily engaged in Geodetic Survey. Highly experienced specialists, professionally manage the group activities.

Geodetic Services:

BEARING, is a company at the leading edge of technology providing an entire range of services in the field of hydrographic and topography in India,

BEARING has its registered office and sales & marketing office in New Delhi, India.

Company has the privilege of having highly experienced professionals to provide an entire range of hydrographic and topographic solutions, including investigations and consultancy.

BEARING provides a broad range of Geodetic Surveying and Hydrographical Services:

» Topographic Surveys using DGPS, Total station and Auto level

» Roads & Highways

» Pipeline, canal route studies

» Site plan preparations

» Hydrographic Surveys

» Reservoir studies

» River studies

» Inundation mapping studies

» Traverse adjustment with network method

» Alignment design road and tunnels

» Provide survey team and TS hiring

» 2D Monitoring (settlement monitoring)

» 3D Monitoring (tunnel monitoring)

» OHE Marking in tunnel

» Alignment design

BEARING till date has executed numerous projects on above technologies for various Government\semi government and private companies in India.

Our dedicated team of professionals with experience ranging from 5 – 12 year work closely with our client and offer personalized and cost effective solutions. The strength of the company lies in meeting its commitments to its client. It is a matter of great satisfaction to us that our clients continue to have business relationship with us on a continuous basis.
The company has executed projects in All over India.